Building Capacity Project - Aims

  1. to broaden the network base, bringing together a wide range of organizations, including NGOs, as well as research, information, consumer protection, transport, commercial communications, public health, health professionals, and partners addressing youth, mental health and accidents and injuries;

  2. to develop an inventory of country based experiences;

  3. to undertake economic and health impact assessment of policy options; and

  4. to build capacity at country, regional and municipal levels for effective programme and policy implementation through conferences and advocacy training events.

To achieve these objectives, the project will utilize the networking methodology to exchange experience and best practice, data collection and inventorization techniques to document alcohol policies, programmes and best practices, impact assessment methodology, and capacity building through training courses, conferences, and audit.

The main expected results include a vibrant alcohol policy network, an inventory of experiences, best practices and infrastructures, and an enhanced capacity at European, country, regional and municipal levels to develop, implement and monitor alcohol policy, supported by a series of alcohol policy related fact sheets, and a health and economic assessment of the impact of alcohol policies at the country level.