Building Capacity Project
Advocacy Training Manual
Session 4

Developing the strategy

Choosing objectives for the strategy Alcohol and injuries: Exercise on preparing messages for the media and politicians.

To identify objectives for dealing with the problem or issue.

By the end of the session, trainees will be able to:

- J. Rehm, P. Anderson, F. Kanteres, C.D. Parry, A.V. Samokhvalov, J. Patra; ,Alcohol, social development and infectious disease, Table 1: Deaths (in 1,000s) attributable to alcohol by sex and disease category (2004)

- Alcohol consumption and burden of disease, Table 1: Disease conditions which are by definition alcohol attributable; Addiction

- Alcohol consumption and burden of disease, Table 4: Quantitative dose-response relationships between alcohol consumption and casually impacted disease conditions; Addiction

- Statistics on alcohol: England 2008; The NHS Information Centre, Lifestyles Statistic, 2008

- Exercise’s Heading: Creating messages for the media and politicians