Building Capacity Project
Budapest, Hungary, 3 December 2009

Background country visits

As part of the Work package 4 (Networking) country visits in Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary were carried out. These countries were chosen by the management group and for various reasons. In Bulgaria and Hungary high per capita consumption of pure alcohol was observed in national and international surveys. This fact increases the risk of alcohol related harm among the population in these countries. Furthermore in both countries only a few NGOs exists which are active in alcohol policy field. This includes also the absence of a national network on alcohol policy issues. In the case of Greece risky alcohol consumption has become a more and more important Public Health issue. Also an increase of binge drinking is observed among young Greek people. On the other hand no real network on alcohol policy issues exists in Greece. The cooperation between the Greek Government and European Institutions on alcohol are rare and should be improved.

Within the scope of the country visits national conferences and meetings were organized in cooperation with national NGOs and governmental institutions as well as organisations. This WP aims to broaden the involvement of wide range of partners therefore the regional office of the WHO and the EC were included in the meetings and conferences.

pdf icon small Programme

pdf icon small The EU Alcohol Strategy
Dr. Pieter de Coninck, DG Health and Consumers, Unit C4, European Commission

pdf icon small Effective Interventions for Reducing Alcohol-related Harms
Walter Farke, German Centre for Addiction Issues (DHS)

pdf icon small Role of EUROCARE in European Alcohol Policy
Ruth Ruiz, Eurocare

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